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Barrel Tone
Black Grey Natural
Bat Length
28.0 28.5 29.0 29.5 30.0 30.5 31.0 31.5 32.0 32.5 33.0 33.5 34.0 34.5 35.0
Bat Weight
+1 +2 +3 Standard -1.0 -2.0 -3.0 -4.0 -5.0
Yes No
Bat Turn Models
T110 This model is a basic turn model, it features a 2.5" barrel and a 1"handle diameter. The T110 model is lighter than most models the weight is distributed throughout the bat with a slow taper. This is a perfect model turn for players that are swinging wood bats for the first time or for contact hitters who want a faster bat speed. T271 This model turn is the most common turn that we do amongst players. This is similar to the T110 with a 2.5" barrel and a 15/16" handle. The main difference is the taper is a quicker transition defining the barrel more. This model has a slightly more end loaded feel. This model is good for both contact and power hitters. T243 This turn model has the biggest dimensions with a 2 5/8" barrel diameter and a 29/32" handle diameter. The T243 has a fast taper and creates a large barrel and a thin handle, this results a top heavy bat. This makes for a lot more power for more experienced players. There is more mass in the barrel on this model and is preferred by power hitters for the long ball. I-13T This turn model is similar to the T271 with a 2.5" barrel diameter and a 15/15" handle diameter.The main dfference between the I-13T and the T271 is the taper is more extreme, this gives it an even more end load feeling. the I-13T is popular with the power hitters lookng for more barrel mass. Custom Turn A custom turn can be accomplished, leave a comment at the order portion of what you would like for a turn at the Barrel and Handle point. Any specifics can be ordered at this point.
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